"Don't worry about being popular, just be Biblical"

While praying for the Body of Christ. The Lord spoke this to my spirit and I wanted to share this with you. "Don't worry about being popular, just be Biblical (ShakinaPoet)."

John 15:18-25 (NIV) 18 “If the world hates you,…


Beauty for Ashes

Beauty for Ashes:

Written by Shakina Small

Daily Devotion

How can something beautiful come out of the ashes?

Some people are mourning after the ashes that is left of their lives? They believe that all has been lost and nothing…

Gospel Spoken Word Competition July 25, 2015

Congratulations to Jason Glasgow (Trini the Professor) winner of  2015 “DARE2BME” Gospel Spoken Word Competition




It was an honor and privileged to award Jason Glasgow(Trini the Professor) the prize money for winning this year's Gospel Spoken Word Competition and…

Spoken Word Competition June 2013

*Thanks to everyone who supported this year's spoken word competition *

Congratulation to LOreal Chrisp-Seels the winner of this year’s spoken word competition and shout out to all those who participated.  Shout out to the judges who took the time…


Spoken Word Competition 2013

Hello All, I hope that everyone has had a great weekend. I have been busy preparing for this year's spoken word competition. I am so excited to hear those who are participating. I know that they will give 100 percent…


When helping others hurt.

When Helping Others Hurts

In life we have to learn when to say no. People preach all the time about giving, being a blessing and letting God use you to help others. This is all true; however, there is also…


Show Me I'm Appreciated

Should teenagers be responsible for all the chores in the home? I ask this because I saw myself getting really irritated with my daughter last night. I explained to my kids we are in the process of buying a new…


Running to a Child's Needs

On Thursday morning while driving to work, my fiancé and I saw a young girl getting beat, while other kids stood around and watched. I hurried to put the car in park, so we could break it up. We probably…


Thank You Fans!

Shout out to my fans this morning.

I want to take the time out to tell you how blessed I am to have people like you in my corner; you are there to support me no matter what. When I…


Be Grateful

Hello All! I’m looking forward to a long weekend since this week has been so emotional. Well, I’m in the process of buying a home this year and got some news I was not happy with. Yes, it put a…