Your Turn is Coming

Tonight I had minister spoken word. I sat there waiting for my turn to perform. I saw everyone go up as I patiently waiting to hear my name call. I start to get weary and I almost said. I don't have to go up. When I first arrived, the place was filled with people but towards the end people started fading out. The Lord showed me this is what happens in our Christian walk. We will sit around watching others be bless. Hoping our turn will come, some of us been waiting so long we are very close in saying never mind God. I don't need this blessing. Tonight the Lord use my situation to encourage His people don't say never mind your turn is coming. You may be the last artist, the last to finish school,the last to get married, the last to get the promotion and the last to preach. However, your turn is coming the host is about to call your name and the blessing is at the very end of the show.


God Bless

Kina the prophetic poet

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