With Whitney's Passing I Wonder...What Will Be My Legacy?

Hello All ! This week has been dedicated to the life of Whitney Houston, A great artist, actress and much more. She was a person that gave more than 100 percent to her fans and her music. Her her songs touch many people and her life will continue to live on through her music and the memories she left behind.

I thought to myself what will people say about me when I leave this earth? Will my legacy live on through my kids, ministry and career? I don’t know how much time I have left, but when I hear stories like Whitney's it makes me get a grip and began to appreciate the time I have on earth. I want my life to live on once I pass and I want to leave something behind for my children to give to the next generation.

My heart goes out to Ms. Whitney's family. Thank God for the good memories they have. Let’s not waste anymore time with disagreement/gossip about who we don’t like. Let get to business with what God has for us while we still have the chance. Let’s stay focused on our purpose.

At work we sometimes get in a heated discussions about religion. I find myself getting caught up in debating my point. Yesterday, I was so irritated I had to leave. At the end of the day it’s about God not me. I am working on holding my peace and letting God fight my battles. I'm seeking God now and asking him why it bothers me so much. (I’ll share this in another post.) The point is the time I invested in trying to convince someone to see my point, I could be doing my job and trust God to give me the opportunity to share at the right time.

So life is short, but at the same time it’s long too. Ask yourself what’s important right now at this moment. Stays blessed live life and love someone who doesn’t deserve it.  Kina the prophetic poet.”Dare To Be Me” wants me to do my job not.

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