“When in life so much to do and see, seek God to where you should be." Get your priorities in orde

Hello Family, please forgive me for not posted my motivational message on yesterday. Many of your know this is my last semester for receiving my BA. Take a pause and clap lol. Okay, this leads me to my topic for today and throughout the weekend. Get your priorities in order. I have notice something about myself, when I am so closed in finishing something, I can lose focus and want to work on everything else but what’s important right now. Since almost finish in completing my undergraduate degree, its funny how I have to force myself to complete my assignment. I rather do everything else but homework. The point is right now my priority is finishing school. The price I paid and the price I will pay later for this degree deserves my attention.


Throughout the seasons in our life, we have to distinguish what’s important. It we focus on too many projects at one time we may struggle in completing the task. If you are like me in regard to having Attention Deficit Disorder LOL, pray and ask God for wisdom and direction on what to put your attention on. The social media is a great tool to connect with people and resources that can benefit us. However, if we are not careful, it can also distract us from what’s important.


With so many invite to go here, to do this, and see him or her, it's hard to choose where to put our focus on. So for me, I had to pause and seek God. I had to reevaluate what’s important in this season in my life, which is school.


“When in life so much to do and see, seek God to where you should be."


Amen Kina the poet “Dare To Be Me”

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