Thank You Fans!

Shout out to my fans this morning.

I want to take the time out to tell you how blessed I am to have people like you in my corner; you are there to support me no matter what. When I posted some photos of me on my Facebook page this past weekend, I was surprised by the number of responses I received. We live in a society where people have very busy schedules, and for you to take the time to press like or drop a comment about me on my page, it is truly a blessing!


I was at the gym on Monday night and someone recognized me. He said “you looked so familiar”. He went on talking while trying to figure out who I was, then I asked him, “do you like spoken word?  You might have seen me perform; then he named some places until he remembered. To be honest, it was motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing. A few moments later he returned to hand me his business card. As an Artist we can get so caught up in growing our brand to get to a national level. However, God is allowing me to see my need to remain faithful at THIS level. I have fans and supporters who are praying for me and look forward to hearing or seeing me perform, so I want to do something special for my fans. AND I need your suggestions, so please comment back and leave posts on my website about what you would like to see from me; i.e. more videos, personal poems, more motivational messages; let me know because it’s all about the fans.  Love ya! Kina the Prophetic Poet. “Dare To Be Me.” Oh… P.S. it’s been almost two consistent two at the gym. Holla!

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