Take Better Care of You

Good Morning all, so I have to be honest last night I could not sleep. One reason is my cat likes to play a night. Alternatively, it could be that I had too much sugar and caffeine. Yea, my son made ice tea, and I forgot that it has caffeine in it; for me this is not a good mix. My body does not adjust well to caffeine. I just put a spoon in the freezer to reduce these bags up under my eyes from not getting the proper rest. Well, so what is the lesson for the day? Start to take better care of your body, God only gave us one. What we eat, drink, say, wear, see and hear does affect us, one way or another. In this new season began to learn more about you. We take so much time in studying what others do. However, we don't know what we are scriptural allergic too. We may have to change the way we eat. We may need more sleep. We may need to dress up and for some dress down, we may need to stay away from negative people or refuse to hear them, and we may need to be careful what we listen to because that will affect our thinking. "God wants us to prosper as our soul prospers" We only have control over us. Take care of your soul, body and mind, and be careful how you spend your time. We only get one body so treat it well because this is the place where our Jesus Christ Dwells" Kina da poet "Dare To Me Be"

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