Show Me I'm Appreciated

Should teenagers be responsible for all the chores in the home? I ask this because I saw myself getting really irritated with my daughter last night. I explained to my kids we are in the process of buying a new home and we need to practice keeping things clean. My daughter had the nerve to ask me if her and her brother were responsible for cleaning everything and then told me it seems like they do everything. We went back and forth on this matter and I reminded them of how I do much more for them. My daughter then went on to ask me if she has to clean up after me and my fiancé. As their mother, I always clean up after myself because I like to set an example. As I walked to my kitchen, something dawned on me. I said,  “Hey, if I work and pay all the bills and make sure you have all you need, it’s your duty to do all of the chores. My son thought I was getting way to worked up about this conversation and asked me why I was  getting so mad. It seems as if today’s generation is all about itself. Why should I have to pay my children to do their part?  There used to be a time when doing chores was just done and their wasn’t any back talk about it. Children understood, it was their way of helping out around the house. I'm not obligating to do anything but feed, clothe and shelter you. I do more because I want to. I guess they won’t see the light until they have children of their own.

After dismissing the children to their rooms, I wondered if God feels this way about us. He feeds, clothes and gives us shelter. We are blessed we have all we need, but when God tells us to do something, we complain about what we don’t have. Or we might ask the same question my daughter posed, “Why do I have to clean up after somebody else?” God might want us to bless someone who seems to have it all while we struggle or help someone clean up their issues. What is God trying to teach us after all He has done for us? It’s so easy to see what our needs are and not see how other people need things too.

As a parent I want my kids to appreciate me more and see all I do for them. But that may be asking for too much. Well let’s just think about how God feels about all He does for us and all He wants us to do is give Him the praise, be obedient and dedicated to our relationship with him. I Love Yall and thank you for taking a moment to read this post. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. Kina da Prophetic Poet.

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