Pressing On When You Can't See the Reward

Happy Monday. It's the beginning of another week. I’ll be honest, last week was not my best week. Have your ever felt what’s the point of pressing on when you can’t see the reward right away? How long do you have to wait until things begin to move on your behalf? I had to remind myself  of what God has blessed me with. Right now, I have no magic pill about how to wait on God, or how to fight when depression tries to take over your mind. When people say everything, but what you need to hear. When you are tired of working for someone else, when you are dreaming to do more. In my book that’s coming out in May, I wrote a piece called “Prison Bars, I've felt sometimes that life was like the prison system that held me in contempt of court, of bad situations and a rap sheet of negative reports “Sometimes we feel as if life is dealing with us instead of us dealing with it. Depression is so easy to fall into. We live in a society that claims to have the all the answers to happiness. I saw myself being moved by my emotions this week or let’s say "she-motions". Your feelings will tell you how to react, but God’s word is our guide. Do not allow life to hold you in a prison of depression and keep you locked away from God's promises for your life. So be blessed this week and I'll see you again real soon. Love ya! Kina the Prophetic Poet. "Dare to Be Me". 

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