Pay your bill on time

Good Morning all, so yesterday I had the chance to pray for some of your out there and it was a blessing to take the energy off of me and focus on whats important. Today's topic is God will wipe your debt clean. Yesterday I was working on my budget for the month. I own a balance on my electric bill my pay check and what I owned was not adding up. Anyhow I made sure my tithes and offering came out first. I called the peco to inquiring about my bill to see what could be work out. The customer services rep stated I had a zero balance. I said what do you have the right person do I need to repeat my info again. She said no your debt has been forgiven and you can start over with a new bill. Well I think your get the point. Many of us owned God a debt for whatever reason some backslid back into sin, some just stop going to church some stop paying their tithes. What ever your issues was or still is call out to God get him on the scriptural phone and let him say all is forgiven you can start over with a new bill. Just like the rep told me this time make sure you pay your bill on time we cant promise you we can do this again. We all know we are living in the last days so don't take God forgiveness for grated this time get it right and pay your bill on time. Kina da poet "Dare To Be Me"

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