My life as a witness

During my trip to Heresy Park this past weekend. It started off as an enjoyable time with my family. After we check in the hotel I noticed sometime later I lost my car key. I went to lost and found and no one had seen it. The lady at the front desk gave me three numbers to a locksmith. I called one and he stated its 139 dollars to come and make me a key. So I called my spiritual mother from my church and she gave me her information so I can pay the locksmith. The locksmith called and he was having a hard time finding Hersey Park. He was about to leave it, took almost an half an hour for him to find us. Finally he goes to make us a key and the key he made did not start my car. A guard from the park gave us a jump and my car still did not start. The locksmith said my device is saying its program to take the new key. At the last hour I asked the guard to check lost and found to see if someone found my key. He said yea, someone just turn it in. Wow I said. The locksmith said your key may not work because I clear it so the new key could work. My daughter said are we going to be stuck here? What are we going to do? I said pray. So I prayed. Lord whatever the outcome is, just get us home you know I have ministry, my church home and so on. The guard bought back my key and the car still did not work. We tried about 3-5 times. Then I got another jump and my car still did not work. At the last hour before the park close. The locksmith made a call and got an idea to try. I don't know what he did on the technical side but my key work and my car started. He looked at me and said you’re some lucky folks I said no that was God and his favor. He got in his truck and said I can’t even charge your just go ahead.

For what ever reason my life was a witness to the locksmith; at the last hour God showed up on my behalf. You may be at the last hour, but God will show up on your behalf someone need to know God is real. Amen Kina the Poet

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