Just Keep Riding

Last night my son fell off his bike. He couldn’t move because the pain was unbearable. He had a nasty cut on his chest from his bike’s handlebars. When we went to the ER, they gave him an X-Ray to make sure there was no major damage. The X-Ray came back okay. The Doctor said, “He would heal, he is just in pain from the blow he took in his chest”. They gave me a prescription for some pain medications. They said, “He would be a little sore but he is okay”. When people hurt us, we may have a nasty cut from the pain. But if we take the prescription God has given us in due time we will heal. Looking at my children, I learned a lot from them. My son broke his wrist, banged his head and scraped his knee. But what’s funny with my son, he doesn’t stop being a kid. I know in a couple of days, he will be back on the bike. With that being said, we get knocked and sometimes pushed down and we may fall because of our own mistakes. But that shouldn’t stop us from getting back on the bike. Keep getting on the bike until you make it to your destination. Life is too short not to keep riding. God Bless, Kina

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