Foreplay is "Sexual activity that precedes intercourse" I was in Church yesterday and the Lord spoke to me foreplay. Two things came to mind one is for some the hardest thing is to wait for sex until marriage. It’s how we look at it, instead thinking what you missing think about what you are about to get. Waiting is a longer version of foreplay take your time and when that day come it will be worth it. Second thing is our relationship with God many of us play with God emotions and make him think He is about to go all the way with us. But we never surrender all we never give up all for him. We caress God by going to Church we string him along when we sometimes pray we sometimes read our Bible. God wants it all He does not deserve to be tease. He wants to know us. Just don't have foreplay with God but lets go all the way trust me our first time with Him will be worth it. God Bless Kina da Poet "Dare To Be Me"


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