Doing What's Right

Hey! Happy Monday to all. I'm in the process of preparing my to be a wife again. Lol. This time around I feel confident in my self to have a healthy long lasting relationship. Well today's topic is doing what's right when no one is looking. I was talking to one of my co-worker's and they stated they did not get credit for some work they produced at the job. However, they mentioned they will not allow it to keep them from doing what they loved doing, which is helping the people we serve. I thought about my Christian walk and how sometimes we may not get the credit we think we deserve. But our reward is seeing others blessed through our prayers or servant-hood towards them. We have to remember why we are saved. It's more than fire insurance or just staying in our clique. People will not always give us credit or acknowledge our efforts, but God will in due season. Our time will come so stay focused , stay positive and live for Him. Your girl Kina the Prophetic Poet.

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