Be Grateful

Hello All! I’m looking forward to a long weekend since this week has been so emotional. Well, I’m in the process of buying a home this year and got some news I was not happy with. Yes, it put a damper on my spirit, and I walked around feeling sad. What’s humorous about God is how He will have you minister to someone who is in a similar situation. Let me explain. At my place of employment, there’s a young lady who has a lot going on for herself, but she constantly sees what she doesn’t have. On Wednesday, when she came in my office, I told her things may not always work out as planned, but you have to be patient. Look at how far you've come instead of how far you have to go. I began to share my situation with her and told her I would love to be able to come off my job and do spoken word full-time and that I would love to buy a house today, but I have to be patient and know I will get there. She said, "But Ms. Shakina, I’m not satisfied-I want more. I have not accomplished anything I really wanted to.” Then the Lord spoke right through me and said you have to be content. You should not be SATISFIED, but you can be CONTENT and grateful for what you already have. Afterwards of course, I said OUCH because it was more for me than her. Later that night at Bible study, my Apostle quoted the scripture “let patience have a perfect work in you.” When my time comes it will come. So that same night I prayed and released it to God and said whatever your will is God. The following day I made some calls and got some hopeful news. So this weekend everyone, Be Grateful! Be content and give it over to God. Your Shakina (Kina Da Prophetic Poet) Lewis  

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