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Shakina is an excellent eductaor! The kids at Rock to the Future loved her; she even got one of our shyest students to act in a skit. We look forward to working with her again in the future.
We invited Shakina to perform a monologue and to be a panelist at our annual conference for expectant and parenting teens and I must say she was a blessing to our youth. From the first phone call with Shakina is was evident that she was willing to meet our needs and her experience and authenticity would resonate with our youth and indeed it did!! Her monologue about her personal experience was powerful and her words of wisdom helped over 200 youth to feel loved and accepted. Shakina is a class act sent by God. We enjoyed you and appreciate you for sharing your testimony with the masses! Peace and Blessings on your journey to help others "Parent with a Purpose"! Sherry Clark
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Blessings! We thank God for your ministry, and thank you for allowing your self to be used for HisGlory at our Event " Simply Worship"- by AOTM- Aurora on the Move. God moved in a beautiful supernaturally, and the life of many were blessed in a very special way.. We look forward to see you again soon!.Blessings!
Hey Shakina! It was great to see you at church yesterday! I am excited about things to come! Love you Muah! Monique
Thanks Shakina: You made our annual International Women's Day dinner event a very special occasion. Everyone in the room room was engaged and with you, from your touching introduction to your last word. Many thanks from the Elkins Park and Abington Dining for Women chapters.
I had the AMAZING opportunity to meet Kina at the Montgomery County Teen Parent Task Force's 26th Annual Teen Parent Conference on 4/23/15 in Eagleville, PA. Ironically, "Words" can't even describe the depth and captivation she was able to provide the audience. All her talents combined were embedded in her performance. Her acting, spoken word, story telling, sharing personal experiences that were VERY personal and (not easy for someone to share to a group of people), all the while she was uplifting and positive. She was able to inspire the teens by letting them know that there is a life out there that is better than what they have been or are currently experiencing. She even was available for them to reach out to her with questions or if they wanted to connect afterward. This to me represents TRUE INTEGRITY. Kina even sat in on our discipline workshop my coworker and I facilitated and shared some insight even though her children are waaay past the "time out" years! :) Kina you are one of God's special gifts. I am honored to have been in your presence and to have experienced your art in person. It was pure, raw and true talent. Spoken word is a hidden artform that flies underneath the radar of pop culture and I love that quality it posseses. I remember when Russell Simmons hosted a short stint of Def Poetry Jam on HBO....Talib Kweli was the last performer one night and all I could say was good LORD, thank you for allowing him to perform last because NO ONE could get on the MIC after that lol!! IT was done, over.... he DUN KILT IT! I am a long time avid lover of spoken word, the components of hip hop (I could never really write graffiti, although I threw up a couple bombs in my time :), and I used to be really into b-girling before i had my family and gained weight and got old lol). You get my point. It's in my blood. I Love you and what you do. Your hubby is a great supporter as well and I had the pleasure of meeting him along the sidelines as well. I hope to catch another performance soon!! God Bless and keep doing what you do best! xx Jess
Thank you so much for sharing your story at our conference. Your message was so powerful and inspiring. I hope that you've touched the lives and hearts of those that needed to hear it the most.
As a poet Kina has a true art, and the fact she flows prophetically which makes it powerful, there is always a powerful message in these poems! And they speak right to you, she is a true example to a poet like me! Thank you Kina
We had Shakina at our Blush conference in Philadelphia this past fall 2014. Shakina was a JOY to be around. Not only was she professional and spent time with our team in the green room all day, she was more than willing to work with us and was flexible to the extent that we needed her to be Our entire team loved getting to meet and get to know Shakina- she was not just a "performer" for the day but she became part of our team. We would love to have her again!
In March 2014, Shakina performed "Keep Your Head Up and Your Legs Closed" and Dare to Be Me," for my group of young writers/mentees. Shakina,'s perform was fantastic... So nice we must do it twice...looking forward to her return.
Awesome Prophetic Poet- Listen if you book her you are definitely in for a treat. She came to minister to our youth through her prophetic poetic ministry & she wrecked the house! This lady has a word in her mouth for us all, I can't wait to see her on BET! you better get her while you can.
I am so happy for you Kina, your vision is becoming reality. You are fighting the good fight. Blessings and peace to you sweetie...
Greetings. Just a quick question. Where will the competition take place, as I live in North Carolina. and when? Thanks. Ken Wormack, aka "Prophetic"
God bless you my sister. I thank God for His Spirit and Gifts in you. He has allowed you to take poetry and spoken word to another level for the people. See you soon.
Hello Todd go to or call or text 214-779-2097. you can also go to 510 W. Chew 267-241-7654 for tickets
Thank you for coming out to YSD's Career Day. Our students and staff loved your sessions!!!!
If we had more poets like Kina gracing the mic, oh, the world would sound so great.
Kina keep bringing tat awesome word God's style. we loved having you at I simply love her. I am definitely going to spread the word about The Prophetic Poet! God Bless you girl!
Your poems were very encouraging. I love spoken word. I told some many people about u words today. Keep doing ur thing. Love it today thank for making me smile.
You are a truly gifted poet. Deep and soulfull. What u relay in spoken words you feel or know what you speak of.
I love your work. Please keep it up you inspire women like me to keep moving forward thank you.
I likes... I likes! Great stuff. keep it coming.
Wonderful JOB on your radio interview!!! May God continue to BLESS YOU and YOUR MINISTRY!!!
I love your site. God bless you.
Sis, May God Keep Blessing You & Keeping You. If We Can Ever Be Of Service Please Don't Hesitate To Call. We Are About Kingdom Building! The NLC Is A Venue For Our Brothers & Sisters In Christ To Come An Share Their Gifts From God With Their Brothers & Sisters In Christ. Please Keep Contact Us If You Are Interested In Ministering At The NLC. Pray For Us As We Will Pray For You. God Bless, Nikki Massey & Nickey Marshall of The Next Level Cafe 815 Federal St, Camden, NJ 08103 856-966-4501
Hi Shakina I enjoyed your poetry on your site, keep up the good work
This is Nysheanna From CFCF in Thomasville N.C. and I just had to comment and trll what a wonderful time I had Listening to the you poetry it just inspired us to take on your line "Dare to Be Me" You are Great and I hope to see you again
I heard her for the first time tonight and her poems moved me ! I appreciate her stopping by Westtown to drop some knowledge :)
Hi Kina: Your performance was brilliant. You did not only perform your poems, but you engaged the audience. You commanded everyone's attention. Your style is unique and inspiring. Thank you for blessing us at the Kwanzaa on South Street event presented by OpportUNITY, Inc and EG Enterprises.
Kina you are one of the most spell bounding poets I've had the pleasure of working with, your expressions of LOVE, LIFE & WISDOM are expressions that the world needs at this time, keep up the good work; your biggest fan RICK WATSON.
I seemed to have stumbled upon your ministry and found it is not a stumble at all keep up the good work enjoying your work. Peace is yours
This woman right here is a household name. Her presence alone will send chills. Kina you did an amazing job Friday at the Poetry & Presents Event. We are honored that you graced us with your presence. We hope you come back next year because we'd love to have you back!!! Keep us posted and let us know how BOND Inc can be of service to you.
Hi Kina! My husband and I truly enjoyed hearing your spoken word poetry pieces at the Urban Expressions Talent Showcase. We also want to thank you for supporting our Teen Parent Communication Workshop, at the School district of Philadelphia. The style and presence that you bring when speaking poetry adds radiance to your performances. My husband and I definitely look forward to seeing you perform again!
Hey Kina. It's Sheeda ur poetry is always awesome nd they teach me to write my own poetry I juss wanna b like you nd it's tha only way to express my feelings
Kina, your poetry is always an inspiration and will awaken the youth of today by encouraging them to make prosperous decisions in life. Kina, your message is one of confidence and power delivered by virtue.
Hello to All Fans of Kina. She is an all-star performer artist. I've celebrated her artist career for over 10 years and she continues to blow my mind at each appearance. If you want to be connected to a woman of style, grace, class and dedication, you picked the right person....Kina the Prophetic Poet.
Shakina recently conducted a poetry workshop for teenagers in the Born For Greatness Youth Writers class.. The students loved her!! Shakina guided them to break out of their shell by teaching them how to speak their words with conviction, how to relate to the audience & give good stage prescence.
The Kina you did a wonderful job. The crowd was really into your poetry. They were asking me to bring you back soon. So I will be calling you soon to book some dates.
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